A baby’s first primary tooth usually comes through at around six months of age, however this can occur as early as birth or as late as a child’s first birthday. Teething could then carry on for a year or more.
Teething is often a painful and unsettling time for your baby and new teeth can explain why your baby is discontent and apparently unwell. Parents generally accept that teething can be difficult, but they also want to know how long this phase will last and what remedies exist that will assist babies in distress caused by teething.

So how long will it last?

By the time your child is three, he or she will likely have all their milk teeth.

There is also no telling how long it will take for a tooth to make its way through the gum. Some babies are unsettled and unhappy for only a few days before a tooth is visible, while it is a more prolonged experience for others.

After the first teeth are through (and you have breathed a sigh of relief), your baby may experience another difficult time around the age of one when their molars come through. Molars can cause significant discomfort and pain because they are situated at the back of the mouth and are the largest of all the teeth.

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