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JeleBebeTeething Jewellery
JeleBebeTeething Jewellery

I’m Theamari! I launched JeleBebe Teething Jewellery in January of 2016, 6 months after our son was born. I always love to wear jewellery and soon noticed that I needed to pack mine away. That’s where idea of silicone teething jewellery was born. I noticed a need for beautiful, modern, fashionable silicone teething jewelry. Our son is the reason to it all.

I really enjoy it to keep my creative side busy and love to design beautiful teething jewellery collections.
We aim to design different beautiful jewellery designs for every meme’s needs. We’re a fresh approach to silicone teething jewelry, offering a wide variety of styles and colors with pricing to fit all memes pockets while being completely safe for their bebes to touch, pull, and teethe on.

We strive to create unique, functional and stylish teething jewellery that set us apart in quality and practicality of design. For example, you’ll notice our necklaces have exposed cord along the neck, no beads there means they won’t catch your hair while being worn. The necklaces also come with a ‘break away’ clasp which means that bebe can pull it off your neck without breaking your stylish accessory piece. The beads have knots to either sides ensuring they stay together should the cord break – which is highly unlikely. The designs are made highly fashionable for meme to wear long before or after the teething stage of bebe.

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