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Treating teething pain and discomfort

Quite a few methods will soothe the painful gums of your teething baby, before you turn to pain relief products and teething gels, those are:

  • If your baby is old enough, try giving them chilled water in a bottle or cup. Older babies eating solid foods can also be offered cold fruit purees or plain yoghurt, which all assist in numbing the pain somewhat.
  • If your baby has a facial rash, use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe the drool away from their face as often as possible. Take care not to rub the inflamed area and use a barrier cream to provide protection from further irritation.



Here are some suggestions on how to treat teething:

  • Frozen peas, my kids loved them and still ask for a bowl of frozen peas!
  • Placing my JeleBebe Necklace in the
  • A cold leek to chew on. Kelly S.
  • Rub the gum above the emerging tooth with your finger. Rub often and with pressure. Babes love it and the tooth comes quicker. Natalie C.
  • Sticks of carrot or cucumber.
  • Watermelon or strawberries.
  • I make ‘breastmilk dummicicles’ for my little one using his dummy. I also offer him frozen fruits like frozen banana or frozen durian to nibble on. Rachel C.
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But what is teething? Teething refers to the process by which the tooth cuts through the gums into the mouth. However, the pain and discomfort associated with teething often occur before you can actually see the tooth cut through the gum.
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Teething Timeline

Please refer to the timeline below for a general guide as to when your baby’s teeth will emerge.

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How long will my baby be in pain from teething? There is no exact answer as to how long it takes for the first tooth to cut through, however estimates are anytime between 1-7 days per tooth. Sometimes babies can grow multiple teeth at once, so it may seem like teething is taking a lot longer.
- Bellamy's Organic

How long does teething last

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