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3in1 PERSONALISED Silicone Teething Dummy Clips / ChewChains

3in1 Silicone Teething Dummy Clips / ChewChains

Crawler Teether Combo (Save 20%)

Practical & Stylish Jewellery for Meme

Teething Necessities

Genuine Baltic Amber

So, you would really like to get bebe a beautiful, personalised dummy clip but, Bebe does not a take a dummy / pacifier??

Not too worry Memme. You still can! Just ad a JeleBebe Teething ring to the end and you have a chew able ChewChain. 🙂 Tada! Here is a picture of a ‘dummy clip’ with a teething ring on. Just attach it to the end (the same way you would attach a dummy) and there you go. Now you have a ChewChain    

Personalised Dummy Clip
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