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3in1 Silicone Dummy Clips / ChewChains & Accessories

JeleBebe Teething Jewellery Dummy Clips

The Original JeleBebe Teething Jewellery Silicone Dummy Clip / ChewChain / Teether is a real money saver. Why?

  • It’s a dummy clip holder
  • And a teether.
  • And makes a great sensory develpment tool as baby’s do explore with their mouths.

Your teething Bebe can now use his/her’s dummy to soothe and chew, stimulate and soothe his/her’s sore and itchy gums with the soft and squishy beads on the chain.

Different texture beads are excellent for sensory development as most Bebe’s explore with their mouths.

The beads used are either;

  • All Silicone beads: BPA FREE, Phthalates FREE, Cadmium FREE & Lead-FREE
  • Or a combination of silicone beads and natural beach wood beads.

The wooden beads are raw / untreated and can be treated with either;

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil has great anti-bacterial benefits.

(Should not be kept in water for extensive periods of time & to be dried after a wash)
The clasp is made out of metal.

Soft silicone inside to protect Bebe’s delicate clothes.
Should not be kept in water for extensive periods of time. (The clip may rust)
Should be dried after a wash.

Original JeleBebe 3in1 ChewChains are made in a very special manner.
The knots are specialised to secure the beads on the string for safety.

WARNING: The ChewChain is not a toy and does contain small parts that can be a choking hazard and the cord can be a strangulation risk. Please check product for irregularities and it is recommended to discard after 6 months of use.
(Depending on the aftercare)

JeleBebe Teething Jewellery & Accessories can assist in keeping exploring hands busy. JeleBebe Teething Jewellery & Accessories is South African owned and operated. Every product is handmade with a lot of tender love and care.

EASY TO CLEAN: Hand wash with mild soap and lay flat, dry with a cloth or wipe over with a baby wipe. Wash as often as needed.


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